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Интервью с разработчиками CrashDay!
Я нашёл сайт,где была информация,как связаться с разработчиками,кому интересно вот переписка:

Hello, my name is Vladimir.
I live in Russia, I am 15 years old.
I like to play CrashDay.
And play it since 2006.
I'm doing a lot of work for this game:
Cards, Landscapes, Textures, EFFECTS, and more.
My friends and I dream of a sequel Crashday.
And we would like to help, when you'll continue to do
this game.
Here's my work:

We would like to receive an answer, will be continued or not?

Sincerely, your players in the game CrashDay.

И вот через день ко мне пришёл ответ:

Hi Vladimir,

many thanks for your e-mail!  Nice screenshots and great work you've
done on Crashday!

Actually, we started development of Crashday when we where 14 years
old... so it kind of reminds me of our early days if you say you are
15 years old ^^

Many thanks for your offer in helping make Crashday 2. Right now
unfortunately there are no plans to do the game, even though it
would be a great project for me personally as well. If we find a
good business model and financing to make the game, it might happen,
so let's keep fingers crossed...

Many thanks, and I hope you'll still have a lot of fun with

Best regards,

Robert Clemens

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